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Outline for and links to posts serving as drafts for my someday to be written (and who knows, maybe even published) Self-Help* book Shut Up It’s Not That Bad, and Other Reasons You Should Pay $30 for This Book:

Love, Relationships, Sex and Other Things You Fail At

Education, Language, Society, and Other Ways You Will Never Fit In

  • You’re Not Well Read Enough
  • You Don’t Watch the Right Movies
  • You Have No Manners and Everyone Finds You Disgusting
  • Shakespeare Thinks You’re a Cocksucker

Career, Money, and Other Reasons Why You Will Always Be A Disappointment to Those Who Love You

  • You Don’t Deserve a Promotion
  • You’re Overpaid
  • Go Ahead and Follow Your Dreams, Just Don’t Come Crying To Me When You Fuck It All Up

Religion, Spirituality, and Other Things You Should Get Slapped For

  • Stop Looking For Daddy To Help You
  • Crystals are Pretty
  • Drinking the Kool-Aid

Addiction and Other Character Flaws of Yours

  • Alcohol Makes You Funny
  • Drugs Solve All Your Problems
  • Gambling Will Make You Rich
  • Sex Equals Love

Depression, Anxiety, Alienation and Other Things About You No One Will Ever Really Understand

  • No One Understands You and Never Will
  • Oh, You Think You’re Worried Now?
  • People Think You’re Weird
  • The Way You Try To Be a Rebel Is Stupid

*Please note: Uncle Sean has no training, is not a doctor, a therapist, or anyone else remotely qualified to tell you how to live your life. In addition, he doesn’t care about you or your problems in the least.

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