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I’ve been thinking, and that can occasionally be a bit of a bad thing. I recently read this post from Warren Ellis, and tonight read this post from Susie Bright. The notions that these posts got going in my brain have me a touch riled up. Specifically, the posts got me thinking about: the politics of sex in America, the different rules there are for the rich/famous, and the attitude towards Atheism.

America is being hobbled by this Abstinence Only bullshit and fear of homosexuals and people who are even remotely off the beaten path sexually. Truth is we’re careening towards more freedom, variety, and acceptance as regards sex in our country. That’s where it’s going and that’s a good thing. Freedom, variety, and acceptance are inherently good things. Always. Still, there’s this very loud obnoxious contingent that gets into political office and passes legislation and makes speeches and is trying desperately to hold us all back. It boggles my damn mind. On top of that the sensible people (including myself) don’t speak loud enough, organize large enough, and stick to their guns. It’s easy for the nuts to push absurd Abstinence programs when those of us who know they’re bullshit keep voting them into office or keep supporting people who offer no real opposition.

This kind of leads me to thinking of politics. People have a lot of wrong ideas about how to fix the political system in America. Generally, people want to put a band aid on a gaping wound. The root of the problem with the government in our country is what we let happen politically. We tolerate liars, bigots, and spineless pussies. The “fringe” candidates in our Presidential Election are still pretty mainstream. They’re still members of the two party system (AKA the root of evil). We’ve allowed for a pair of private clubs that represent pretty much exactly the same constituency (i.e. not the best interests of the American people) to take complete control of our government. The Democrats and Republicans do everything they can to stifle democracy in our country. Any independent or third party candidate has to jump through so many absurd hoops just to get on the ballot that it effectively eliminates them as competition. On top of that they spend government money and resources to organize their “primary elections,” which effectively turns them into the state sponsored political parties. State sponsored political parties doesn’t sound much like democracy to me. The way to fix this is to open up politics in this country. Let’s the out of date two party system,  set up rules that are fair to anyone seeking political office regardless of socio-economic status or sanity.

So, similarly the rich and famous sure have it awful nice in this country don’t they? They get their very own special status that means the rules don’t count for them and the rest of us don’t even pay it any mind. Jamie Lynn Spears gets knocked up, almost definitely by some rich old producer and I bet not one damn person is even going to get arrested for statutory rape (she ain’t legal). Paris Hilton gets released from being incarcerated because it was so terribly hard on her skinny obnoxious rich bitch ass. Lindsay Lohan and lord knows how many others are pretty well documented as drunks. They go to clubs and get plastered in public. Where are the repercussions for them and the clubs that are so publicly violating the law? Why are we letting this stuff slide? The rules and laws are there for everyone and if these people are supposed to be damn role models they should be responsible and do their time. That’s what role models do: the right thing. So, as to set an example for the wee ones.

In addition to all this, I’m a member of one of the most universally maligned groups in this country. I’m an Atheist. I’m not one of the ones who hems and haws either. There’s no proof for God, an afterlife or any of that New Age bullshit either. Therefore, it doesn’t exist. I’ll believe it when you show me some evidence I can’t think of other explanations. In addition, I refuse to accept that the wonders of our Universe, which are truly magnificent, could be explained with such dull notions as are proposed by religion and those New Age hippies. The Universe is fantastic and complex, please stop trying to dumb it down with your half-assed notions and over-simplifications. Now, this isn’t to say that you’re stupid for buying into religion or that New Age bullshit. You’re not stupid. What you believe is stupid. Oops, shit am I not being a polite Atheist who just sits quietly in the corner and lets you blame me for the problems of the world? Sorry. My bad.

So, I’m kind of annoyed tonight. It seems like our country, if not the world, could do with a kick in the ass. It’s time to move forward. Changes are in order people. It’s time we stopped putting up with the bullshit of the rich and famous, time we started embracing sex as being a healthy normal part of being human, and gave up on the dull notions proposed by the religious and spiritual communities and started exploring the wonders of the universe as it exists. As I indicate in the title I’m thinking there needs to be a bit of a revolution. Wasn’t it Jefferson who said a country ought to have one every few decades? Nothing violent mind you, but can we at least all agree that anyone who votes in the Primary Election should be arrested for treason? It just feels like we need a surge against the bullshit we’ve allowed to go on in this country. Something comparable (but again not violent) to the storming of the Bastille. A statement that it’s time for the clinging geriatrics to step aside, so we can move on to the future.

Funny, as I finish this post I have just poured myself a glass of Wrath from the Midnight Sun Brewery. It’s a tasty Belgian-style Double IPA.