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I’m fickle … this blog is also a bit fickle. Sometimes, it’s about movies, sometimes about TV, sometimes about some cool gadget thing or another, sometimes about science (though very rarely), and sometimes it’s just about me telling you how I think you should live your life because I am, of course, right. I like to think I’m funny, please don’t ruin my illusion.

Comic Book Movies I’d Like to See are a series of posts dedicated to movies based on comic books that I would like to get see made. Sometimes I comment on movies that are currently just rumors, like the potential Justice League Movie. Sometimes I comment on movies that I don’t think will ever be made, like Transmetropolitan (part 2), and sometimes I just stray from the format a bit. They’re intended to be fun posts. They’re exactly the sort of fanboy fever dreams that pretty much all us comic geeks get into from time to time. Please feel free to argue with my plot or casting choices.

I used to do the Rant Alaska blog/podcast. That has been moved from blogger to here (go to I was working on ideas for a second season of Rant Alaska, but instead started and co-host The Drive-In Podcast with my buddy Sam (and oh so many others).

I am also running for president.

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