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Star Trek has it’s cast of main characters set as of today.

Today, Karl Urban joined the cast as Dr. Leonard ‘Bones’ McCoy and Chris Pine signed on to play the much debated role of Captain Kirk. They join Zachary Quinto, Heroes’ Sylar, as Mr. Spock; John Cho, Harold from Harold and Kumar and the guy who ID’d Stifler’s mom as a MILF in American Pie, as Sulu; Zoe Saldana of … okay she’s been in a lot, but I don’t remember her, as Uhura; Anton Yelchin, again don’t know him, as Pavel Chekov; and my favorite casting choice thus far Simon Pegg, Shaun of Shaun of the Dead, Nick Angel from Hot Fuzz, and The Editor from the Doctor Who episode The Long Game, as Montgomery Scott. Eric Bana will also be joining the cast as a villain named Nero (a Romulan, maybe? I’m hoping so). Also, Leonard Nimoy is confirmed as playing an older version of Spock and everyone is being coy about Shatner’s involvement.

Alright, the core people are set, now let’s just get this movie shot and as much possible leaked onto the internet so I can pre-judge the movie weeks if not months before it arrives in my theater to make me wet my pants because I’m so thrilled that the string of shitty Next Gen. movies is finally over (no offense intended to the people who worked on Next Gen., it really was the best of the TV series, the movies just didn’t measure up. Maybe give it another shot in 5 or 6 years?).


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    nice listing, with links to imdb, of the casting

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