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After not really getting into the ideas we had for “Season 2” of Rant Alaska a new concept was cooked up for a different podcast, The Drive-In Podcast with Uncle Sean and Sam. The show is about movies, and common episodes will be reviews of new movies or alternate audio commentary tracks you can listen to while you watch more off-the-beaten-path type movies. For our first episode, recorded late last night, Sam and I watched The Brain That Wouldn’t Die and talked about it in between talking about women and body image, philosophy, science, and metaphysics. You don’t have to watch the movie while listening to the show, but it couldn’t hurt.

Episode 1 post.

Episode 1 download link.


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  1. Oh… speaking of bad movies… here is a great video pod cast called Cult of UHF… tons of BAD free movies to watch. So far I’m partial to The WASP Woman!!!

    In fact, The Brain that Wouldn’t Die is on there too! Look it up on itunes and subscribe!

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