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So I been a thinkin’ that this blog is pretty all over the place most of the time. And there is good reason for that. I can be pretty all over the place. That all over the placedness works for personal blogs, but this isn’t really much of a personal blog, I don’t often use it to talk about most of the stuff going on in my life because I have other places I generally do it. This blog has been a good place for talking about one of my great loves: movies. Whether I’m writing about a movie I’m excited to see, a movie that will never get made that I’d like to see get made, or reviewing a movie I’ve recently seen, I’ve tended to write aplenty about movies on here. So, now that I’ve accrued about 8 or 9 months of all over the place posts I think it’s time that I reigned this blog in to focus on something and movies/television seems to be the best option in front of me. I watch a lot of movies and TV. Hell, I host a weekly movie night at my place. So, there’s a lot of potential there. I’ll still write off topic bits and pieces on different things that come along, but in general I’ll be putting those pieces elsewhere, like Associated Content or

Anyway, I’ll leave all the old posts up, except the fiction tagged ones (took those down for reasons I don’t yet understand myself).


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