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Now that we’re off of Satellite/Cable and using the new Apple TV and my Netflix subscription for much of our television related entertainment I have started enjoying some TV shows I never really watched before, some newer shows and some older shows.

One of the first things I downloaded off of iTunes when we got the Apple TV was Hill Street Blues Season 1. I had never seen it before, but had always heard good things about it. I tend to like cop dramas, most of the time, and at that particular time was in the sort of mood to watch a cop drama. Hill Street Blues was better than I was expecting. A bit odd at points, but overall a pretty good program. I haven’t finished Season 1 yet as I got caught up in watching some other things, so I guess it hasn’t held my attention that well, but still watching it is always interesting. Plus, Veronica Hamel was damn hot. Damn hot.

Last month we broke down and finally started watching Lost. Hadn’t seen a single episode of it before last month. I’d been hearing about it and hearing what a great show it is, so I downloaded it off iTunes. We plowed through all three existing seasons in less than three weeks. Pretty damn good show. Wondering how the hell Season 4 is supposed to pick up after the end of Season 3.

After watching Lost, I thought I’d try another show that’s been on for a few years that everyone raves about, 24. I bought Season 1 off iTunes. Have to say, not totally thrilled by it at this point. I think I’ve watched three or four episodes and some of it is kind of cool, but it hasn’t really grabbed me yet. I like the concept of it being a realtime show with each hour of the season being an hour in the day, but the show just doesn’t thrill me, yet. I’ll finish the first season, but unless it gets a lot better soon. I probably won’t be back for the second.

From Netflix I started getting Dennis Leary’s short lived cop comedy The Job. It wasn’t bad. It had potential to be a really good show that combined office drama and comedy with a group of dysfunctional cops. Unfortunately, the first season premiered the spring of 2001 and the second season showed up the spring of 2002. So, I don’t think it really fit with what people were looking for at the time. Still it made me want to check out the other recent Dennis Leary series, Rescue Me.

So, I got Rescue Me Season 1 Disc 1 from Netflis earlier this week. It was pretty damn good. It was fantastic. A good balance of the serious drama of a New York Fireman coping with being a Fireman post 9/11 (and having been at ground zero) and Leary’s brand of humor. I’m eager to catch up on the first three seasons, then buy the fourth off iTunes.

I also started getting the V miniseries and TV series off Netflix recently. The miniseries wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great either. The acting was pretty terrible and the dialog laughable. Still, the plot was solid and the special effects were good for the 80s. The rest is still coming in from Netflix, I’ll be interested to see where the thing goes.

Finally, this week I started getting The Young Ones, an 80s BBC comedy about youth culture. It is one of the most insane things I’ve ever seen. It’s like someone took Monty Python and focused it on four characters. I demand to know what drugs were used in the writing of the show so that I may use them for my own writing.

On a similar note, a friend is letting me borrow their seasons of Arrested Development. Holy hell that is a funny show. I’m disappointed I missed it, but still with the way it was broadcast I suspect watching it during it’s run it may not have seemed as funny. Fantastic show, if you’ve been hearing about it, believe all the good things you’ve heard and run out and buy the seasons on DVD.


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