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So, I got up this morning and almost immediately tried to hunt down a way to find out what was going on at Apple’s “The Beat Goes On” event. I ended up on Gizmodo and I was pretty constantly hitting the refresh button while mopping up drool as the new iPods were announced and pictures were shown. The new iPod nano was pretty exciting. Video, music, new interface. Cool stuff. That the “iPod Classic” (which it is now called) got a little bit of a face lift and more memory wasn’t too bad. Then, then they showed off the iPod touch. It’s the iPhone without the phone. I want to do truly heinous things to it. Wifi, youtube, and access to a new wifi iTunes store? I am quivering. QUIVERING!
Still, as exciting as all that stuff is for a guy like me who likes stuff that blinks and beeps and all that other crap … I was disappointed. Nothing on my precious Apple TV was announced. I had my fingers crossed for an announcement about HD video being available through the iTunes store. I didn’t seriously think something like that would be announced today, but I had hopes, because it would make the Apple TV damn near worth it’s weight in gold (which isn’t saying much since gold ways a lot and the Apple TV is pretty light, but you know what I mean). The news last week that NBC would be pulling out of iTunes panicked me briefly, but then I actually thought it through and realized that it’s all mostly corporate posturing and even if NBC does pull out there are alternative ways of legally obtaining NBC content (like Battlestar Galactica and Heroes) and there are further ways to send that content to my Apple TV. It’ll be a pain in the ass probably, but it’s doable. So, that’s not really a worry for me right now. As much as I’m disappointed there was nothing about the Apple TV or expanding iTunes content, I realize this was really an iPod event and I’m definitely pretty excited by the change in the iPod line, still HD video on the ol’ iTunes would’ve made my day.
The event is available to watch on the Apple website here.


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