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Warren Ellis, who in the last year has quickly become one of my favorite writers, has his first novel, Crooked Little Vein, coming out on the 24th. I read the first chapter, and what’s not to love there? Burned-out detective gets hired by the Government to find the lost secret second constitution of the United States of America. Benjamin Franklin killed an alien that was living in his ass in France with a single punch. That’s just the first chapter. I have this vague giddy drooly feeling about reading the rest of it. What other surprises may be waiting in 288 pages of pure Ellis prose?
Harry Potter comes out at midnight Saturday morning, while everyone else is chatting about how Voldemort is really Harry from the future who went back into the past to stop himself from becoming an evil wizard, but instead became an evil wizard (yeah I haven’t read any of the books, but I still have a theory) I will be nose deep in Ellis’ book chuckling to myself at descriptions of a Chief of Staff of the President of the United States being strung out on smack and watching the Fashion Channel.



  1. Halfway through the book here. How do you like the Book? I think its a great fast read hope to be done with it tonight. I also heard that Ellis has a new Science Fiction coming out early 2008 so heads up. Glad to hear that you are a fellow fan.


  2. Finished the book Saturday morning. Pretty good. I’m going to post a review around here sometime soon. I vaguely recall some mention of a second book coming out soon. Excited to read more of his work.

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