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Man … the iPhone looks fucking cool, doesn’t it? According to the internets (which hasn’t lied to me yet) the iPhone goes on sale today. I won’t be getting one. Not because I don’t want one. Oh no … I want one. Damn, do I want one.  No, I’m not going to get it, because:

  1. It’s not available in Alaska. This is expected, though, still disappointing. AT&T doesn’t offer cellular service in the Last Frontier anymore and as I said when I talked about getting my new Krzr phone, we’re always a bit behind up here. So, that’s the practical reason I’m not getting it. I can’t.
  2. I tend to wait on new tech a little bit. Hell, I only just got my first iPod this past Christmas. I wait because with so much new stuff coming out you never really know what’s going to take off and what’s going to flop. Sure, you can listen to the speculation, but that’s all it is: speculation. The reason I wait to see what will take off is because I don’t want to end up with something that ends up getting dropped by the company with only a handful of peripherals available (kind of like how my LifeDrive Mobile Manager seems to have turned out). Plus, it always takes awhile for them to work out bugs and figure out which features are worth keeping around, what they really should add to the product, and other such improvements. Getting the iPhone now would be great, but if I wait, let’s say 2 years for the Generation 2 or 3 version, what new features will be available? What will Apple add? How much smaller and more awesome will it be? Will they have a fancy new display? Will it have a deathray? Oooh! I want one with a deathray!

As hot as I am over the iPhone prospect, and as much as I will inevitably drool should I come across an actual physical model. I’m going to wait on it. That’s worked out well for me when it’s come to my HDTV and my iPod, I suspect this situation will be much the same.



  1. “One of Alaska’s major cellular phone providers is being acquired by AT&T Inc., the company announced Friday, opening the door for customers here to take advantage of its popular new Apple Inc. iPhone before long”

    ummmm weellllll nevermind

  2. I’m already enslaved to Steven Jobs because of my iPod – I’m not going to be his bitch by getting his crappy phone.

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