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So … I was reading through some posts on The Beat, and as I was reading this one I happened to glance over at this cover for The Flash:


Now, I don’t follow The Flash. As great as I’m sure Bart Allen and Wally West are, Barry Allen is the only Flash I want to read. So, I have no idea what that thing is … but I know what it looks like. It looks like The Flash is being attacked by a giant vagina. Perhaps it’s one of them symbolic psychic battles they sometimes do in the four color funny books. Perhaps it’s all about the eternal struggle man faces breaking free of his mother and bursting out from the tentacles that women enslave them with. Oh, wait … no … no, that doesn’t make any sense. It’s just giant monster with a huge vagina face. Not that I’m really complaining … I think it’s funny. The Flash is going to be consumed by the vagina monster of womanhood. Fear the vagina monster of womanhood, it has glowy parts.


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