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So, they’re going to introduce Supergirl on Smallville this fall. It’s possible you do not care about this. Still, I watch Smallville, despite the fact even it’s good episodes are pretty awful, I enjoy watching it. The one thing it has done well, though, is introducing other DC characters into the mix. The Flash episode was fun, the Aquaman episode was pretty good, even the Cyborg episode was pretty cool. Having Green Arrow for the first half of last season worked out well and the episodes centering around him were some of the best episodes of the season. So, I’m thinking they’ll pull off the introduction of Kara pretty well. What I’m thinking, though, is that they had previously been talking about next season being the last season of the show, but maybe they’re introducing Kara as a way to keep the show going. It’s about time that Clark left his hometown and went to college to become the big city reporter we all know he will become and you could potentially keep Smallville going by having it center instead on his completely new to earth cousin. Drop the kryptonite freaks as villains of the week (something that should have been done around seasons 2 or 3) and focus on a girl trying to find her way in an alien world. Introduce some more classic characters (maybe focus on some more female characters like the Black Canary, Vixen, Crimson Fox, Fire, Ice, Mary Marvel, or even Wonder Woman). Also, let her fly. One of the things that annoyed me about Smallville for the past few years is the refusal to just let Clark fly. We know he can do it. There are multiple episodes he has done it, and those sequences were quite enjoyable. So, let Kara fly. Maybe I’m wrong, maybe they’re not introducing her as a backdoor to keep the show rolling after all the major characters go. Still, it seems like a possibility, and something that, if they take a few risks, could pay off in a decent way to keep the show alive.


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  1. That would be gutsy and artistically satisfying, to give up the main character and keep the show wiht a new character. I don’t see it happening, though. Aside from the goodness of other DC characters in Smallville, there isn’t much artistic and gutsy choices going on. 🙂 Of course, I still watch.

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