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Anthony Michael Hall is joining the cast of the next Batman movie: The Dark Knight. So, let’s see that makes the cast: Christian Bale, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Gary Oldman, Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Anthony Michael Hall, and Eric Roberts. All people who I enjoy watching and, y’know, Eric Roberts too.
Amusing story about Eric Roberts: Dollface and I were watching the first season of Quantum Leap on DVD a couple of years ago. The first season had a bunch of 30 second clips of Scott Bakula talking about the episode you were about to watch. Right before one of them (I don’t recall which) he spent at least half of the 30 second clip raving about what a great actor Eric Roberts is. Dollface and I just kind of gave each other a funny look, because I don’t think either of us had heard anything all that positive about Eric Roberts in the past. We continued watching the Quantum Leap, and forgot all about the nice things Scott Bakula said about the star of such great films as Best of the Best and Best of the Best 2.

Then, maybe a week or two later Dollface is introducing me to the movie Angel Heart with Mickey Rourke (Uncle Sean loves him the Mickey Rourke). After the movie, which is pretty damn good by the way, we were watching an interview with Rourke in the special features. He had his little Chihuahua dog and big dark glasses on and he talked about this and that in his slow gravelly way, and then … then he started talking about what a great actor Eric Roberts is and how he thought it was unfortunate that Roberts hadn’t gotten quite as big as Rourke thought he should have. Dollface and I once again looked at each other funny and then remembered what Scott Bakula had said on the Quantum Leap special features and we had a good laugh. So, now, whenever I see that Eric Roberts is in something I have decided I’m going to pay extra attention, because I want to know what the hell these guys were talking about. Not that I thought Roberts was particularly bad before, I’d just never thought of him as being good. He was in Heroes for several episodes at the end of the season, and I thought he did a rather good job as the scary guy that was part of a secretive organization, but I still haven’t made a solid determination as to whether or not I like him, I suppose we’ll have to rent Best of the Best and Best of the Best 2 to get a better sense of whether or not we should be expecting something good out of Roberts in the next Batman film or not.

Anyway, I am keen on seeing Anthony Michael Hall, I’ve seen a handful of the episodes of The Dead Zone and I thought he was really good in them. The above linked site on his casting also has a based on absolutely nothing guess that he’ll be playing Ted Kord (AKA the Blue Beetle). It probably won’t be the case, but damn I think that would cool. I am quite fond of Ted Kord and I’d love to see him make it into one of the movies or TV shows. He doesn’t even have to be a superhero. He can just be Ted Kord, smart awkward guy.



  1. Eric Roberts has done more than “the Best of the Best.”

    He was also Dr. Who in a movie. That’s gotta count for something.

  2. Okay, as someone who was obsessed with “Best of the Best” through much of my early childhood (specifically the portion when I took Karate) let me just say that Eric Roberts was my favorite member of the US national karate team that is the focus of this movie. He even outshined James Earl Jones (the coach) and Chris Penn (fellow member). Yessir, when I was a kid I really loved that movie. When I was a kid. As we all know, somethings from childhood retain a certain charm when we grow up. Unfortunately, Best of the Best does not age well. Back when I was seven I was moved by the story about Tommy’s dead brother and the fact that he had to face the dreaded fighter who took his life so many years ago. I was vested in Alex’s love for his son and inspired by his tenacity to finish his fight with one arm in a sling. Mostly I loved seeing a bunch of Americans kick a bunch of little asian dudes asses. Nowadays I still marvel at the awesome fight sequences, but can’t help but puzzle over how anybody could think that James Earl Jones knows anything about martial arts. He wears a suit the whole time, for Christ’s sake! And why the hell are they even trying to pass Chris Penn off as an athelete, much less a martial artist. Maybe a boxer I could believe, but seriously. The dialogue is horribly cheesy, the story ridiculously contrived, and is only redeemed by the cool fight scenes. Of course, most of said fight scenes are at a tournament, with medical personel and whatnot standing by. Can’t really say the stakes are all that high. The movie, quite frankly, sucks balls.

    It might make a good fit for guy movie night, though.

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