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I’m still on a bit of Star Trek kick. Last night I was poking around the internet and looking at various websites for Trek fan films/series out there. I stumbled across Star Trek: Aurora a computer animated series with 1 episode available and the first minute and a half of a second one. What made me want to take a look at this one in particular is that it’s set after the original series but centers on small merchant ship rather than on a Starfleet crew like most fan films/series. The animation isn’t bad, it’s not great but it genuinely looks like time and care were put into it. The story is actually interesting and it was better written than I’d expected.

The teaser for episode 2 went up in November, and there doesn’t seem to be any clear indication of when the rest will be posted or if it will. Still, it’s enjoyable, and doesn’t take all that long to watch, so go take a look.


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