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So, my buddy Sam was over last night so I could help him out with his Senior Thesis. Sam’s senior thesis is on Star Trek and personhood and the Prime Directive. So, helping Sam with his Senior Thesis means he comes over and we watch episodes of Star Trek. So, as we were watching “A Private Little War” we were joking about Kirk and the Klingons and Kirk’s line from Star Trek III: “You Klingon bastard, you killed my son.” After which we broke into an impromptu dialog between Kirk and McCoy:


You Klingon bastard, you killed my son.


What the hell are you talking about?


In the future, a Klingon will kill my son.


Well, if you know about it you can change it.


No, I have to let it happen. For. The. Greater. Good.


That doesn’t make any damn sense! The greater good!

We’re talking about a man’s life here! Your son, for God’s sake, and …

wait … how did you travel into the future?


I don’t know, some kind of transporter accident, there was a

Gorn and an ion cloud passing through the tail of a comet,

it’s all very technical. Now, I have to go make-out with our soft focus

guest star of the week.

Okay … maybe it wasn’t quite exactly like that when we were joking around last night, but you get the idea.  This got us going on some goofy conspiracy theory type stuff and got us going on one phrase: “Kirk Knew.” Then, we started joking about t-shirts and wearing a “Kirk Knew” t-shirt and people asking, “knew what?” Then, the wearer would pick some random plot twist from one of the movies or TV shows and explain in true conspiracy nut fashion how Kirk knew about it all along.

I love the internet, because with the internet I can turn some dumb conversation a buddy and I had while watching Star Trek into a reality in a half hour:


I set up a little something on , maybe I’ll put up other silly ideas there, maybe I won’t. Maybe you’ll buy a t-shirt or mug, maybe you won’t. It doesn’t matter, because with the magic of the internet you could do it and that is beautiful.


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