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If you didn’t hear, Jerry Falwell died. Jerry Falwell, as you may or may not care, was an outspoken televangelist who helped define the insanity that is the religious right in the United States today. The easy thing to do when such a despised and public person dies is share some of the dumbest and/or craziest things they ever said. Boing Boing did a pretty good job of that. Or you could share a famous parody of the person that involves incest and goats (again, Boing Boing). Or you could say something nice about him …

or … not.  I’ve got to say, while the guy was a prick, a generally intolerant bastard who more often than not deserved a swift kick in the nuts, when someone dies, anyone, it just doesn’t seem apropos to start speaking ill. Sure, he deserves it. Sure, he’d do it to you. Sure, you’re right about pretty much everything you’re saying about the man, but instead of contributing to the wealth of hate out there, maybe … don’t? Maybe? Maybe don’t stoop to the level of the man you revile? Because when you do you’re participating in the exact sort of thing that he did.

Now, I’m not going to lead by example, oh no, I’m just going to criticize you, and then point out that Jerry Falwell was a horrible bigot and I’m glad to be rid of him.

Other Comments on the death of Falwell:


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