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Via the Violet Blue:

Responsible for the classic horror series of Dracula, Frankenstein and Quatermass, alongside such gems as Blood from the Mummy’s Tomb and the Sweet Scent of Death, [Hammer Films] will repackage some of these old favourites but also plans new productions, inspired by such modern horror movies as the just released 28 Weeks Later.

Hammer Horror is coming back! My dad introduced me to Hammer Horror films when I was a kid. Good wholesome, gory, sex-laden British horror. I love them, they’re hokey movies and not really all that scary, but they are damn fun to watch. In modern horror films you get gimmicky villains who are more or less indistinguishable from the original Slasher flick villains (Michael Myers, Freddy Kruger, Leatherface, or Jason Voorhees), in Hammer Horror films you got the original gimmicky obvious knock-off villains: Dracula, Frankenstein, the Wolfman, and the Mummy. There are something like a dozen Hammer Dracula films starring Christopher Lee (seen recently as Saruman, Count Dooku, and Willie Wonka’s father) and Peter Cushing (the one true Dr. Van Helsing, no one else come anywhere close). One of the ones that specifically comes to mind, though, is one that doesn’t star Lee as Dracula: The Brides of Dracula. Unfortunately, while I know I’ve seen a bunch of Hammer films, I really can’t recall which ones I have or haven’t seen. I know I’ve seen the aforementioned Brides and I can distinctly recall The Curse of Frankenstein, but I’m blanking on the others I’ve seen. This all reminds me of when the SciFi Channel didn’t suck.

Seriously, what happened to the SciFi Channel? It used to be they would replay good SciFi television series, like Quantum Leap, or The Incredible Hulk, and they’d run some great old horror and scifi flicks, like the Hammer Horror films. Now it’s nothing but crappy SciFi Original Movies (I can’t get through more than a few minutes of any of the ones I’ve tried to watch) and crappy SciFi Original Series (with the exception of Battlestar Galactica). Even shows that seem like concepts and characters I can get into like The Dresden Files or Painkiller Jane just don’t work. I am jonesing for a Hammer Horror fix, SciFi channel! You used to be good for it! What happened?

Anyway, I’m excited by the prospect of more Hammer Horror, let’s hope they can live up to their legacy.


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