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I was catching up on Susie Bright’s blog this morning, because I enjoy reading her but have had my brain, in general, otherwise occupied lately. So, her most recent post is discussing some of the why behind her starting to blog and continuing blogging, plus providing links to some good recent posts. Two things caught my eye and made me want to write about the post:

  1. The discussion of why she began blogging sparked thoughts in my brain meat about why I do my little blog thing here.
  2. Porn.

I started blogging on, just occasional little snippets of “here’s what I’m doing” stuff for friends to read. Then, last summer I decided I wanted to share my goofiness, and occasional frothy mouthed madness, with the world at large. So, after talking with Rob (because I go to Rob when I want to start doing anything remotely new and different involving the computer) we set up the Rant Alaska podcast (now located here). What began as just me putting poor quality recordings of myself half drunk (or completely drunk) rambling about the world out on the internet for anyone to find eventually became me putting poor quality recordings and poorly written blogs out on the internet for anyone to find (though, I will say I’m still proud of Episode XII, even if I probably should’ve picked a better venue for an interview about BDSM in Alaska). Then, as is often the case with my fickle, hairy, fat ass my interest kind of dropped off. Then, in February I decided to try something other than Blogger for blogging, as all the cool kids seemed to be using typepads and wordpresses. I set up this here blogging account on the, bought me a domain and now you have the warm fuzzy Uncle Sean blog. Why do I blog? I blog because I love to write, but don’t really submit my writing that often and I don’t get motivated to continue writing if no one is reading what I’m writing. So blogging keeps me writing, and if I keep at writing I’m hoping I’ll actually get good at writing. So, for me blogging is a little bit like masturbation. When you read my blog it’s like watching me masturbate. You are a filthy voyeur! FOR SHAME!
Okay, I’m pretty sure I just lost anyone who isn’t already my friend reading this blog.
Anyway, on the second point, if’n you read Susie’s post there she also talks about subscribing to her blog, for $5 a month you can subscribe and support her blogging, which god damn it you should do because she is a delight to read and it could be your $5 that helps in some vital way to keep her blogging so I can continue to read her (not that there seems to be any threat of her stopping, I’m just saying). So, this is like voting, except important. Oh yeah, and if you sign up now she’ll send you porn. Not that that would interest you. I’m sure you’re far far too dignified to consume the filthy naughtiness. That’s why you kept reading after I referenced masturbation a paragraph ago, because you’re dignified.
Now, I’m not saying that I subscribed today and will be receiving some form of pornographic materials in my mail for my troubles, but I will say that I’m watching my mail box. I’m still eagerly awaiting some 1950s pulp SciFi magazines I won on Ebay and my extremely late NextWave order from Amazon (I could just go to Barnes & Noble and pick it up there, but damn it I like getting things in the mail!).


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