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The fuck does T in T-Minus mean?  Can I use it when speaking in terms of days … or do I have to say 24 hours?  Meh … anyway … Rob and I are opening to the public to join and contribute and edit. It’ll probably take time to build up anything on there and there shall surely be much trial and error in the administration of it. Please do join if you’re interested and please do send the link far and wide to people you think would be interested and people you think don’t give shit. Just got to get that name out there.

When it comes to being a contributor we really don’t care about your skill level. We don’t really care much about what it is you contribute. It’s open ended. You have the freedom to share damn near anything that comes to you. Share a plot outline, someone else can fill in the story. Write a long complex article about the watch a particular character is wearing in a particular scene of a story someone else wrote on the site. There are some really simple contribution guidelines, mostly just geared to do ass covering on the part of those of running the site, and there is only one rule for being a member of the community. Just one. Should be simple enough to follow.

Anyway, please join us tomorrow, because this is something that will totally not work without interested folks.


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  1. I think it stands for testicle.

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