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superman.gifBoing Boing: Kryptonite found in Serbian mine

Kryptonite discovered in Serbia! You know what this means? It means that I haven’t been crazy all this time, Superman exists! This is proof, dammit! I need 10 million dollars to form an expedition to trek into Serbia to search for further evidence of the last son of Krypton and another 20 million dollars for “personal expenses.” Who’s with me?


Okay, if the above wasn’t enough proof for you, what about this! A potentially habitable planet orbiting a red sun. Gravity 1.6 times that of Earth. They’re calling it 581 c, but we know, we know that’s just a clever ploy to cover up their discovery of Krypton. These two discoveries put together? I say irrefutable proof of the Man of Steel’s existence, the fact of which AOL/Time Warner has been trying to cover up for years.

One Comment

  1. No kidding I’ll go on that expedition with you! For sure!
    Kryptonite and red dwarf planets wt hey is next?

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