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So, Rob and I have been working on a new creative project since last week: Open Multiverse an open collaborative writing wiki project. Right now we’re still working up some of the detail and core materials adding some stories to start from and making sure the site will be easy to use.
The idea is that it will just be a wide open playground for people to show up and add or edit whatever they like. There are some basic contribution guidelines and one rule: Act like and adult. Though the core of the site is based around a scifi idea, we have no intention of restricting the types of stories people want to tell (beyond the Contribution Guidelines and the one rule). People are welcome to tell any type of story that they like, from sword and sorcery type fantasy to erotica, from political thriller to tear-jerking drama, from romantic comedy to horror. Everything will be under a Creative Commons license that allows people to share and edit and distribute as much as they like. So, that might put some people off, but that’s okay. Different Strokes and Gary Coleman and such.

The site is up now and there are some materials up to read. The site will be opening to the public at large to register and start contributing on May 1st.


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