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So, in the last day I’ve read about three new theme parks on completely separate topics. Yesterday, I was pointed to this article about a London Sex Theme Park. Apparently they plan to steer away from pornography and sleaze. I thought Theme Parks were supposed to be fun?

Then, this morning I find this article about a Harry Potter Theme Park. I suppose with the last book out this summer and only two movies after the one this year, they’ll have to keep people interested in Harry Potter somehow. It sounds like Rowling is so concerned about the individual guest experience that she’s ignoring what it would mean for 100+ people to show up at the Theme Park at once. Fanatics will love that she stays true, the rest of us will just get annoyed and leave.

Also this morning I stumbled across this post on Boing Boing about a Charles Dickens Theme Park. That could be kind of cool. Though, the last author’s work I would think would lend itself to a Theme Park would be Dickens. Now, I have to keep the girlfriend away from London, otherwise we’ll have to go to this Dickens Theme Park, over and over again.

The worst part about all of these Theme Parks is I have serious doubts that they have a Haunted House ride, the only ride at Disneyland/World I ever really enjoyed.


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