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So, on Friday I was scratching my head, wondering what the hell I was going to do for this here post today. I mean, I totally did my two big ones first with the Justice League movies and the Transmet movie. So, as the girlfriend and I sat down to a delightful evening of bad pizza, alcohol, and movies, I had an epiphany. One of our movies was 2001’s Josie and the Pussycats, and it occurred to me that a movie I would love to see is a sequel to Josie and the Pussycats. I swear, I haven’t lost my mind. If you haven’t seen the 2001 film, you’re missing out. It’s not the greatest film ever made. It’s not going to win any awards, but it is definitely one of the most clever cartoon/comic adaptations I have ever seen. It’s a fun movie. Plus, Rachael Leigh Cook, Rosario Dawson, and Tara Reid. Three very very attractive women. You cannot go wrong there. A sequel could be a lot of fun as well.

The Cast:

Ideally, we’d get all the same folks to come back to their original roles. So, there’s not really any re-casting here of the main parts.

Josie McCoy-
Character: Josie is the lead singer of the Pussycats, she and Alan M. have been living together since the first movie. The girls moved back to Riverdale after their brief flirtation with mega-fame and Josie moved in with Alan.

Played by: Rachael Leigh Cook

Melody Valentine-
Character: Melody remains Melody, a sweet girl who loves puppies and plays the drums while inadvertently attracting every man nearby. She’s generally not very bright.

Played by: Tara Reid

Valerie Brown-
Character: Valerie is the band’s bassist. She’s more than a bit insecure.

Played by: Rosario Dawson
Alexander Cabot, III-
Character: The Pussycats’ “manager” Alexander comes from a wealthy family and has the time and money to spend on little “projects” like the band. He’s not talented but likes to be associated with those who are.

Played by: Paulo Costanzo

Alexandra Cabot-
Character: Tagging along with her brother, she’s obnoxious and still has not given up hope that she can be with Alan M.

Played by: Missi Pyle

Alan M.-
Character: Vaguely clueless, hunky, guitar playing love interest for Josie.

Played by: Gabriel Mann

Wally Leland Lee-
Wally is a lawyer for the RIAA. He works for Eugene Levy, the secret head of the RIAA, and is a key player in the plot to drive people away from mp3s and other hard to regulate forms of music distribution and help the sales of Levy’s new comedy album, available only on 8track.

Played by: Masi Oka I made him up, just now … so he’s going to get played by whoever I want and I want Hiro from Heroes, dammit!

 Eugene Levy-
Eugene Levy was the real mastermind behind the brainwashing of the entire world plot in the first movie. Since then he has been working on a comedy album on his preferred distribution method, 8track. He has been using the RIAA to combat the increasing use of mp3s because he refuses to compromise his “vision” and allow digital versions of his album.

Played by: Eugene Levy

The Plot:

Five years after the first movie the Pussycats are back in Riverdale, playing small shows, but unlike before people are actually showing up. They have a small following. Alexander remains a fairly inept manager. He lands them the occasional gig, but nothing really impressive. Josie has moved out of the house she lived in with Melody and Valerie and is living with Alan M. After one of their gigs a lawyer for the RIAA named Wally Leland Lee (say it out loud) approaches them. He convinces them to help the RIAA in it’s publicity campaign to stop people from illegally downloading music. The Pussycats bask in their reacquired fame. They didn’t get much money off their record deal from the first movie and Wally Leland Lee is promising them that if they help the RIAA it will help them with getting the money they should have received from their earlier fame. However, they soon discover that the RIAA isn’t really helping them out, they work for the villainous Eugene Levy (seen briefly in the first film doing an explanatory video). Eugene Levy is planning to use the Pussycats as the Poster Girls for starving artists harmed by illegal downloading. He is then going to use a combination of the publicity campaign and a new social networking site with a computer virus that seeks out mp3s and mp3 players on a person’s computer and deletes them to drive people to buying his newly released comedy album on 8track. Wally Leland Lee falls in love with Valerie and tells her about Levy’s plan. The Pussycats foil the plot, Alan M. proposes to Josie, and everything turns out for everyone in the end.

Not the thickest plot ever but a topical plot. The point would be it would be a bit goofy and hopefully it would be fun. Somehow there would have to be a gimmick like in the original movie that overflowed with product placement. I’m not sure what, but you’d need something. Any ideas?


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    OK, here’s your assignment. With Norton as cast, what would YOUR story be? A full re-do? The origin AGAIN? Or, as one commenter says, 10 years into Hulk’s life?


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