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Because ensuring civility among the 5 or 6 of you that  read this blog is important to me I am going to go right ahead and carry this “Civility Enforced” badge:


Yeah … blame Warren Ellis

Anyway, now that I drove everyone away with giant bat cock, my opinion:

This Blogger’s Code of Conduct seems to me to be an example of the way our society lets people slide on shitty behavior. This Code of Conduct, as I read it, is basically an “I will act like an adult and expect you to do the same” statement. How about instead of codifying it and basically running with the assumption that if there is no such code people will just be dicks, you act like an adult and expect the same from others? You shouldn’t have to have a code to enforce a basic “be civil” policy in you comments. You shouldn’t have to have a code that says you’ll get more information about something before making a big scene in public, you should get more information about something before making a big scene in public. The basic expectation for everyone should just be that you expect people to act like an adult and you slap them when they don’t, and if there are places where people are allowed to act like dumbass kids then don’t have anything to do with that if you want to converse with those who act like adults. You shouldn’t need a warning label to tell you. I don’t warn the 5 or 6 of you who read this blog (probably down to 2 or 3 after the bat cock) if I’m going to be an ass or if you’re about to click a link that will show you a picture of a giant bat penis … and I probably won’t do it in the future. I don’t warn you before I say something like cunt … and I probably won’t do it in the future. I’ll delete your comments if I think you’re being a dumb shit. These are all the same things I would expect from any blog I read. If I don’t like the content of the blog, I’ll stop reading it. If I don’t like the comments people make, I won’t read those. If someone is being unfairly attacked, in my opinion, I’ll call the attacker on it. If I make some dumb shit comment, I expect to be told off for it. That all sounds to me like acting like a goddamn adult. So, how about, instead of codifying acting like a goddamn adult, we all just act like goddamn adults?

Now, all that said I don’t really have anything bad to say about someone who would post a little badge on their site warning people that they enforce civility, or that anything goes. I just don’t agree with that type of self censorship. Not my thing. I’ll adhere to the rules set forth in a terms of service, like for WordPress, but that’s more because I’m using their stuff and they have rules for me using their stuff.

It’s like when you were a kid and you’d go over to your friend’s house and he’d let you play with his Ninja Turtles as long as you didn’t stick them up your ass (again). You don’t have to play with his Ninja Turtles, you could always go over to your other friend’s house where not only would he let you stick them up your ass, he’d help you. Except, that friend doesn’t have Raphael, and you would much rather be able to play with Raphael, then stick Ninja Turtles up your ass, so you stick with the friend with Raphael, even though you can’t do all the stuff you’d want to with Raphael.

So, act like an adult, and don’t stick your friends’ Ninja Turtles up your ass (unless they’re cool with that).


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