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Girlfriend: Blahblahblahblahblah … something something … manic … something something unnecessary self-doubt … blahblahblah
Uncle Sean: Blahblahblah snarky reassurance that unnecessary self-doubt is totally justified, if not self-hating enough … blahblahblah
GF: Blahblahblah … vaguely obnoxious response … blahblahblah
US: [eye-rolling or glaring]
GF: I love you dear.
US: I love me too, I’m charming and witty.

And y’know … full of shit, too. Why does she put up with me? She doesn’t know it, but we’ve switched her regular coffee with Folgers crack.


One Comment

  1. HA HAHHAHA … you crack me up: with Folger’s Crack, apparently …

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