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So, it’s a municipal election day today, and a statewide special election. I have the vaguest notion of what’s being voted on. I’m voting for a new assembly person. It just happens that the one for my area is someone a friend of mine worked for a couple of years back. I will vote for him for that reason and because I know we have similar stances on at least a few important things. The two big things that are up today are:

  • A vote on whether or not we should allow an election to ban the partners of homosexual state employees from getting benefits like a hetero persons partner would, and
  • A vote on whether or not we should repeal a smoking ban (which would restrict smoking to pretty much your own car and the garbage dump) put into place about a year ago that is supposed to take effect in July.

The homosexual partners benefits thing is being touted by assholes (no, I’m not going to label them Republicans or Conservatives, I’m just going to call them big mother fuckin’ assholes) as a way to defend marriage. Because it’s homosexuals that make people beat their spouses, abuse their kids, drink, cheat on their partners, and divorce. It blows my mind that anyone can justify this as anything other than pure bigotry. I will bet … I have five dollars in my pocket … I will bet five dollars that:

  1. Today’s vote results in us going to the voting booth later to vote directly on this topic, and
  2. when we do the partners of homosexual state employees are fucked, and not in the good way.

The vote on whether or not we should repeal the smoking ban is an interesting one. Smoking is the villain that’s easy to handle and get all self-righteous about. Getting all civic minded about Meth Labs in the Mat-Su Valley just isn’t quite sexy enough, and it doesn’t have major companies behind it willing to shell out millions to help save their images. I see both sides of this I do. People shouldn’t have to work in a smoke filled environment, that’s not healthy. Still, a city ordinance to ban it in places smoking has traditionally been acceptable (like bars) is ridiculous. It’s a bit invasive for my tastes. Let’s offer a property tax incentive, or something like that, instead. Let business owners make the decision for themselves, and if you don’t like to go to smoky bars, then don’t. There are several bars in town where it’s not allowed. Sub-Zero comes to mind. So, yeah I’m voting to repeal.

Now that I don’t pay as much attention to politics, not having spent the last several weeks hearing about and obsessing over the coming election has been really really nice. I’m more calm, I feel more sane, and I’m less convinced that the entire world is going to fall down around my ears. I also feel like I’m more open to the various perspectives that exist around topics. Not that I’m being open-minded. Perish the thought, but yeah … this is nice.


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