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I’m a little bit of a geek. No, no … don’t argue … I am. I’m not a candidate for full on geekitude because I do not own a mac and am not particularly conversant in Linux (yet), but like many a geek I do get a bit of a chubby when it comes to gadgetry and nifty new shit. Living in Alaska we’re never really at the cutting edge of gadgetry stuff. Even if we do have the new thing it doesn’t catch on with folks for a little while and even when it does infrastructure and accessories for all the bells and whistles aren’t necessarily available. We used to joke when I was in High School that Alaska caught up to the rest of the U.S. when it came to fashion and trends about 5 years after they’d passed in the rest of the country. With the proliferation of the internet I think we’ve shrunk our response time down to 1.5 years.

I know, I know … I know exactly what you’re thinking: Alaska is part of the U.S.? Yup, we’ve been a state since 1959. We’re a bit backward still, but no we don’t live in Igloos and we only use sled dogs for sport (and food when the barge is late).

Anyway, today I decided, because my cellphone contract comes up in June, that I would see about getting a new contract and a new phone, because, as I said, I get a bit of a chubby over the gadgetry and my old phone had left me flaccid and impotent for many months now. So, while the lovely and charming Dollface and I were at the mall today I went into my cell provider’s satellite store and asked them if I could get a new plan and phone and they said: “sure!” So, we talked about me getting a new contract and I said I wanted one of them fancy pants Razr phones I saw everyone getting, and the girl told me that the Razr would be free because I get a $100 credit because I have my home service through them too. “Oh!” says I, I says, “a hundred dollar credit you say? Well then, I want the even MORE fancy pants phone!” So, I got myself a “Krzr” (I’ll complain about the loss of vowels in apparently everything tech/internets-oriented some other time). It’s skinny and plays mp3 and has bluetooth and … other stuff that my former phone would never be able to do. I have a full gadgetry erection. Yes, I’m sure that there are lots of other phones with more bells and whistles (if I got my hands on that there iPhone I swear I would explode), but we probably don’t have it available up here (as I was splainin’ before). So, now I have to switch all my phone numbers and stuff over to the new phone and poke and prod at it for hours on end going “ooh” and “ahh” and try to prevent myself from violating the USB port.



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