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So, I’m quitting blogging and off to church, I leave this blog up as an example to look to of my former sin-filled life without God. I will be in camp for the next few weeks. There I will be taught the joys of loving God and giving my life to Him. Thanks to those of you who have read my little blog, you are going to Hell, but don’t worry, you are not beyond salvation. You too can be saved. All I had to do was sign over my entire life savings to the Reverend and he promised me eternal bliss. You can have that too. Please, contact me for more details. God doesn’t want you to feel the fiery embrace of the pit and neither do I.


  1. where’d you find him? I’ve been looking under rocks for years and have never seen a trace …

  2. Do not mock my new found piousnessess! God is now my special friend! We are going to have picnics and tea parties and giggle about boys! Do not make fun of my new special friend!

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