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Okay, so last week we took care of a Justice League movie starring the big heroes. This week, the Justice League movie starring my personal favorite incarnation of the League: the Giffen DeMatteis Justice League (sorta kinda).

The Heroes:

Maxwell Lord-
Character: Maxwell Lord is a billionaire who decides that the heroes that have been cropping up would do better if they were brought together in a team. He pulls in each of the heroes and convinces them to join his new “Justice League.”

Played by: Noah Wyle looks a bit like Lord, and I was always kind of keen on him on ER when I watched it.

Captain Atom-
Character: U.S. Air Force Captain Nate Adams was testing an experimental bomber in 1978. The plane was mysteriously vaporized. Twenty years later in 1998 Adams reappeared at his former, now abandoned, Air Force Base. Adams gained various superpowers, including the ability to reform his body. The Air Force found him and, for a time, he worked as a government sanctioned super hero. He became a “freelance” hero some years later and is approached by Maxwell Lord to be the leader of the new “Justice League.”

Played by: Tahmoh Penikett does a great job on Battlestar Galactica, I think he could do a pretty good job as the Nuclear powered hero.

Guy Gardner-
Character: Gardner was the second choice to become the Green Lantern of Earth’s sector (Hal Jordan was chosen instead). Gardner became a Green Lantern when Hal Jordan was reassigned and a new Green lantern was needed. He is arrogant and prone to violent outbursts, macho posturing, and insensitive comments. He tries to bully his way into the League leadership after being invited to join, but is generally dismissed. He has a relationship with the superheroine Ice.

Played by: Jake Busey just screams asshole former school coach who gets picked to wield one of the most powerful weapons in the universe.

Blue Beetle-
Character: Ted Kord is an inventor and CEO of the somewhat successful KordTech. Partly out of boredom and partly out of a desire to help people Ted starts to develop non-lethal technologies to fight crime. He puts these to use as the Blue Beetle. His main weapon is his BB Gun, a gun with multiple settings to blind or stun opponents. A grapple is also built into the gun. He is in the process of developing an airship shaped like a giant beetle. Lord engages Kord to be the technical expert on the League.

Played by: Okay this has been the toughest character for me to figure out. Ted Kord always kind of charmed me, especially so after the Countdown to Infinite Crisis stuff, he’s a bit of a mash up of Spider-Man and Batman. I’m thinking that Jake Gyllenhaal, who was rumored to be taking over the role of Spider-Man for the second movie when Maquire was having problems, would be a good pick for the lovable Ted Kord.

Booster Gold-
Character: Michael Carter claims to be a football star from the future, the 25th Century, who has come back to join the superheroes in some grand adventure. His costume is based on technology from his century and allows him to fly, project force beams, and protects him with a force field. Booster is always looking for ways to get famous and make a buck on the side as a superhero. He has several endorsement deals. He and the Blue Beetle have worked together on a few occasions and have become friends, together they are kind of the class clowns of the League.

Played by: It could be a lot of fun to see Owen Wilson as Booster.

Character: Tora Olafsdotter’s powers are derived from magic. Her Scandinavian village has traditionally been protected by a person who has been trained in magic to create and control ice. Lord discovers her and convinces her to join the League as protecting the world will protect her village. She quickly gets charmed by Guy Gardner and the two begin a relationship.

Played by: Alexis Bledel has very striking blue eyes and you kind of believe her as being a bit on the innocent side. Slap a white wig on her and call her Tora.

Character: Beatriz da Costa was a Brazilian spy who gained her superpowers, the ability to create an manipulate green flame, in an accident on duty. She used her new found powers as an agent of the Brazilian government for a few years before going “freelance.” She and Captain Atom relate well to one another both being former government employees who gained their powers in accidents on duty. She and Ice also forge a friendship, despite Beatriz’s inability to understand Ice’s attraction to Guy.

Played by: Morena Baccarin was fun to watch on Firefly and Serenity as Inara. Also, she’s Brazilian.

Martian Manhunter-
Yeah, he was in last week’s group too, but the Manhunter from Mars has been in a lot of the incarnations of the Justice League, and also happens to be a personal favorite of mine.

Character: The last Martian, the rest having died hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, J’onn J’onnz hides among humanity as Detective John Jones. He is a shapeshifter and a powerful telepath.

Played by: A combination of CGI and someone in makeup, this one’s hard, I might go for Keith David, for his voice, if nothing else.

The Villains:
For this movie, I think the villains should be handled differently. Instead of a team of villains, or one major threat, the movie would feature several threats that are seemingly disconnected. Giant robots, alien invasions, natural disasters, and all that other good stuff. In the end it would turn out that Maxwell Lord was behind everything.

The Plot:
The first 45 minutes of the movie would consist of introducing Maxwell Lord and the heroes as he tries ton convince them to join his Justice League. We’d get to see each of the heroes in action and how each one reacts to the idea of joining a team. Some, like the Martian Manhunter, are more hesitant than others but Max convinces them all. After a period of getting to know each other in their new headquarters in New York City they are called upon to fight a giant robot that is tearing it’s way through the city. They defeat the robot, but are completely disorganized, bickering the entire time and actually causing more damage than if they’d left the robot alone. Captain Atom takes it upon himself to put the team through a kind of boot camp. The team grudgingly participates and after a few weeks actually start to get along with one another and work together. In the middle of one of their training sessions they are called away to fight an alien invasion. The aliens’ ships are all over the planet, the team splits up into smaller groups. They are somewhat successful, but Ice and the Blue Beetle are captured and taken to the alien mother ship in space. The team regroups and puts together a plan to save their captured teammates. While on the mother ship Ice and Blue Beetle manage to sneak out of detention. On their way out they overhear the aliens speaking with someone from Earth. The face of the collaborator on the alien viewscreen is obscured and Blue Beetle and Ice can’t quite determine who it is. They move on and then are discovered by security. Just as they seem to be cornered, the rest of the team shows up and saves the day. As they are fighting off the aliens Beetle and Ice explain to the others there is a collaborator on Earth and Beetle thinks he knows who it is. They defeat the aliens and head home. Back at Maxwell Lord’s office three of the aliens appear. They accuse Lord of lying to them and he starts to try and make a deal with them, telling them he didn’t realize that the League would be so effective. The aliens start to shimmer, and are replaced by Beetle, Ice, and Captain Atom. The rest of the League comes in through the window. They confront Lord and he tries to explain that he believed in them the whole time and the only reason he setup the threats of the giant robot and the aliens was to help them seem legitimate to the public, he didn’t really think they would cause as much as trouble they did. The League doesn’t believe him but before they can do anything they receive a call that an alien called Despero is terrorizing London. They take off and Lord seems to think he’s going to be off the hook when Guy comes back and hauls him to jail before joining the rest of the team in London.

Okay, perhaps not the best super team plot, but the movie would really be more about the characters and how they interact. The movie would generally be light-hearted, lots of fluff, lots of silly humor. Rated a PG, maybe PG-13 for violence.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. Next week: no underwear perverts.

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