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Things happen when I bury my head in the sand, stick my fingers in my ears, and say “La La La” very loudly. As the title states. I hate politics. I’ve had some minor involvement in it and it leaves me feeling uncomfortable with myself on a lot of levels. I do not like that feeling, and, to be honest I didn’t even let myself get that deep into it. So, I have more or less quit being active. I feel more sane. Still, I every once in awhile pull my head out of the sand (or my ass) and take a look around … and look what I find!
Anderson Trial Delayed on the ADN’s Alaska Politics blog. Hmmmm … could that be the same Tom Anderson I met several years ago? The guy who seems like a used car salesman? It is!
I guess Tom was indicted on “extortion, bribery and money laundering charges” back in December. (See? Head in the sand.) His trial, scheduled for April 9, has been pushed back to June 25. This interested me, I wanted to know more so I took a look around and found this article and this article.
Taking money from a lobbyist to push for private prisons in Alaska strikes me as something entirely within the realm of what Anderson might be capable of. I’m sure if he did it that he thought that it was the right thing to do anyway and that there would be no problem with him taking a bit of money to help himself out. I’d like to think I can get a pretty good sense of people from talking to them for a little while. Not necessarily to the point where I can predict what they’d do, but to the point where I could probably see where their thinking was when they did something and whether or not their the sort of person who would go out of their way to do something wrong or someone who might just end up doing something wrong because they don’t see the harm, don’t think they’ll get caught, or just kind of forget about the potential repercussions. Anderson strikes me as the latter. Someone who gets into situations because he wasn’t really thinking things through, someone easily distracted by the potential benefits. Not a “bad guy.” Not someone looking to screw people over. Just a guy who gets caught up in things rather easily. Not that he’s stupid, he could just use someone to stand next to him and smack him when something is a bad idea. Lots of people need someone like that around.
Still, right now, I believe the story. I believe he took that money to push that legislation. I believe that because of that he should probably be found Guilty. If he’s found Not Guilty, then, hopefully, I’m wrong and that’s a good thing.
Also, I have to say that I think it’s pretty decent of friends of his to be pulling together to help raise money for his defense. I always kind of hate the idea that people will bail on their friends when stuff like this happens, when people need friends more than any other time. Whether he did it or not, whether they believe him or not, I don’t really think it matters, sticking by your friends when they screw the pooch is what being friends is all about, right?


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