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  1. A mans overhanging belly is not a pooch (as late night ab exercise commericals say) and it’s not a pauch as COry Doctorow (a writer!) says. It’s a pauNch. The misuse of this word drives me ******* crazy.

  2. I imagine it’s more likely a typo than a misusage, I’ve noticed typos crop up in Boing Boing posts from time to time, just like in any blog. Still, I feel where you’re coming from. People misusing words has a tendency to set me off (not that I’ve never done it, but most of the time I do try to double check if I’m using a word or phrase I don’t use on a regular basis). Ever hear anyone talk about “mute” points? Yeah, I want a big ol’ baseball bat with the word “moot” burned into the sucker. That way next time I hear someone talking about a point being “mute,” I can brain them while screaming “It’s moot! MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT!”

  3. ditto for “heigth”

    The third word in the sequence is:
    length, width, heigHT (with a hard T)

    punDIT not punDINT

    ARRRRRGGGHHHHHH! (heading for the asylum)

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