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Every once in awhile, while reading the comic blogs and news sites, or flipping through my own collection, I think about the movies based on comics that I would really love to see get made. Usually this involves the “underwear perverts,” because that’s what I grew up with and I think that seeing them on the silver screen would be a blast. So, I started thinking about this blog and that it kind of gives me a place to talk about whatever the hell I want in whatever way I want. So, I think I’m going to start posting, on a semi-regular basis, my thoughts on comic book movies I’d like to see made. Maybe I’ll post weekly. I’ll give that a shot. Sometimes it’ll be about the “underwear perverts”, sometimes it’ll be about other types of comics, and sometimes it will be about comic book movies that have already been made. Feel free to comment and disagree with me.

So, first up, one that people seem to be talking a lot about online (including me): The Justice League.

So, there are two Justice League movies I’d like to see get made. I’ll take one or the other or both. The first is the one most folks seem to be keen on seeing, the heavy-hitters Justice League movie.

The Heroes:


Character: Last son of the doomed planet Krypton, Kal-El arrived on Earth in a rocket, was raised by Jonathan and Martha Kent in Smallville, Kansas, then moved to Metropolis to begin his dual career as mild-mannered Clark Kent, reporter for the Daily Planet, and Superman protector of Metropolis.

Played by: Brandon Routh did a good job in Superman Returns, so let’s go with him.


Character:Young Bruce Wayne watched his parents gunned down on the streets of Gotham, he then dedicated his life to the obsessive pursuit of justice, donned a cape and cowl, and became Batman.

Played by: Christian Bale captured Batman and Bruce perfectly in Batman Begins.


Wonder Woman-
Character: Diana is the Amazonian ambassador to the “Man’s World,” raised on a secluded island in an all-female warrior society she doesn’t always understand or approve of the way the outside world works. About as strong as Superman, can fly (no goddamn Invisible Jets!), has the “Lasso of Truth” (a magic lasso that compels those who hold it to only speak the truth), and is fast enough she can deflect bullets using her metal bracelets.

Played by: Rena Sofer. I first saw her on the very short-lived and crappy show Coupling on NBC and immediately said “that’s Wonder Woman!” She’ll probably need to spend some time in the gym before filming, but I think she would be perfect for Wonder Woman.


Green Lantern-
Character: Hal Jordan is a test pilot who was selected to take on the duties of dying alien Abin Sur as the Green Lantern of the Earth’s sector of space.

Played by: Jamie Bamber. Jamie’s work on Battlestar Galactica as Lee Adama is great. Plus the characters have a few similarities. Okay, really just one similarity, they’re both pilots. Jamie has the clean cut and athletic look that would be perfect for Hal, and he can be intense, which is something you’d need for a character who’s weapon is powered by the force of his will.


The Flash-
Character: Barry Allen, police scientist, gains the ability to move faster than any other person on Earth in a freak accident.

Played by: Jake Weber. You probably saw Jake in 2004’s Dawn of the Dead, or maybe you saw him in the NBC show Medium as Patricia Arquette’s husband. Weber has a pretty wholesome nice-guy look to him that would be perfect for Barry.


Character: Orin is the King of the lost city of Atlantis, which lies deep within the ocean. He doesn’t have much interest in what happens to the surface world, but is compelled to join the others because of the threat to his own kingdom.

Played by: Justin Hartley. If you haven’t seen the Aquaman pilot available on iTunes, go and download it, it’s actually a lot of fun and significantly better than most of the last 3 season of Smallville (if you want to be generous to Smallville).


The Martian Manhunter-
Character: The last Martian, the rest having died hundreds, if not thousands of years ago, J’onn J’onnz hides among humanity as Detective John Jones. He is a shapeshifter and a powerful telepath.

Played by: A combination of CGI and someone in makeup, this one’s hard, I might go for Keith David, for his voice, if nothing else.

The Villains:

My main problem with doing a heavy-hitters Justice League movie is that, to do so, you need a threat big enough that Superman couldn’t just take care of it all on his own. So, I’m thinking we need to go with a group of villains, like the Legion of Doom from the Superfriends.


Lex Luthor-
Character: Lex Luthor grew up in Metropolis, raised himself up from poverty and became one of the richest men in the world. The path to his fame and fortune is littered with bodies. When Superman arrived on the scene he and Luthor became instant enemies, Luthor couldn’t control the Man of Steel and Superman wanted nothing to do with Luthor, a corrupt, but nearly untouchable, captain of industry. Luthor is the one who brings together the group of villains.

Played by: Kevin Spacey was great in Superman Returns.


Character: A self-aware supercomputer built on the planet Krypton, Brainiac goes from world to world following his imperative to gather all the knowledge of the universe. He is indirectly responsible for the death of Superman’s people.

Played by: Brent Spiner. Spiner already played a passionless android with no understanding of what it meant to be human in Star Trek: The Next Generation and he can do evil really well (as evidenced by the episodes in which he played Lore), so let’s let him do both.


Black Manta-
Character: The Black Manta is a smuggler who uses advanced technology and submarines to run drugs, guns, and whatever other goods he’s being paid to move. He has run afoul of Aquaman on a number of occasions.

Played by: Ving Rhames. Ving Rhames is a big scary guy that I really enjoy watching. I don’t really have a reason other than that. Oh, and before you roll your eyes at me for casting a black man to play the Black Manta, the comics already established him as a black man with some pretty weird motivations that I’m leaving out.


Character: Pricilla Rich was an heiress who was the darling of the media before Wonder Woman came along. Having only the most loose grasp on sanity she became obsessed with Wonder Woman and eliminating her. She began researching the mythology behind much of Wonder Woman’s powers and was able to make a deal with a few of the lesser Olympian Gods, who granted her powers of her own, primarily supers-speed, which inspired her to take on the guise of the Cheetah.

Played by: Rebecca Gayheart. Go watch her in Urban Legend, she does psycho very well.


Captain Cold-
Character: Lenard Snart was a regular thug who was looking to gain a leg up on the new super hero in town, the Flash. He stumbled across a gun that can freeze things instantly and began his career as Captain Cold.

Played by: Michael Madsen. Madsen can do bastard pretty well, and if Kill Bill vol. 2 showed anything, it’s that he can play bastard who’s also pretty much a loser, really well.


Character: A failed attempt to clone Superman resulted in a backwards creature, with many powers similar to those of Superman’s, but twisted or somehow reversed (like Cold Vision instead of Heat Vision). He has only very limited intelligence and is convinced that he is the real Superman.

Played by: Since Bizarro is a failed clone of Superman, Brandon Routh.


Character: Formerly the greatest of the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro was responsible for part of Hal Jordan’s training. During that time Jordan revealed that Sinestro abused his power to enforce his own sense of order on his sector, severely restricting personal freedoms, and often acting like little more than a spoiled dictator. Sinestro was booted from the Corps. then, was contacted by a group called the Weaponers of Qward, enemies of the Green Lantern Corps., who armed Sinestro with a yellow power ring (the Green Lantern’s ring has no effect on anything yellow).

Played by: Jeremy Irons. Irons can be the quiet kind of scary you want for a character like Sinestro. Slap some pink face-paint on him and skinny mustache and you’ve got Sinestro.

The Plot:
Superman and the rest of the members of the league, working independently, are taking care of the villains on their own with ease. Luthor, having made contact with the alien intelligence Brianiac, assembles the villains to propose an alliance to destroy each of the heroes. The villains attack Superman, the Flash, Green Lantern, Wonder Woman, and Aquaman individually. Each of the heroes barely manages to escape and each hears about the attacks on the others. They arrange a meeting and Batman and the Martian Manhunter are also invited to join them. They forge an alliance to stop the villains who are planning something along the lines of the classic “take over the world” sort of deal. Later, it turns out that the villains were being betrayed by Luthor who was going to use them to subjugate the planet, and then kill them all. Finally, it is revealed that even Luthor was being played by the Brainiac who was using the time to gather all possible data about the planet Earth and all the accrued knowledge of humanity, before destroying the planet. Then, hero and villain alike join together to stop the Brainiac. Heroes win, the villains end up in prison and all is good and right with the world.

Come back next week and I’ll share with you my idea for the Justice League movie featuring third-tier characters like Guy Gardner, Blue Beetle, Booster Gold, Fire, and Ice.


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