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So, I installed Ubuntu on my laptop on Friday. It’s really very damn cool. The only problem, though, is it doesn’t exactly support the wireless card that came with my pretty new laptop. So, I spent most of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday trying to make wireless Internet work on my laptop. I finally managed to get the thing to work on Sunday night with the Linksys USB adapter I’ve had lying around for the last couple of months.
Now, I can surf the web in the living room while enjoying the 4 seasons of The Shield that my dearest Dollface got me for my birthday.
I’ve been poking around a little bit in my new Ubuntu and I must say it is very cool. I had to spend a lot of time in the Terminal while trying to get the wireless running and it made me miss my childhood just a touch. I was late in getting on the Internet, but I spent a lot of time on my computer from an early age. We didn’t really use Windows much at my house when I was a kid, we had 3.1, I remember that, but I spent most of my time on the command line typing out everything I wanted to do. Using the Terminal reminded me of that time. A bit of nostalgia.
I dig the desktop, I can access pretty much everything easily from the Desktop, a hell of a lot easier than the start menu. Adding Open Source Applications is really fuckin’ easy with the Package Manager.
The only complaint I have is the hardware support seems a bit thin. Admitted, my laptop is very new and Ubuntu is free, I shouldn’t just expect it all to work out of the box, but, still, it would be kick ass if it did. I’m hoping that as time goes forward, as I keep using Ubuntu on my laptop, which is my current plan, the hardware it supports will get broader and the System itself will get even better.
So far, my experience with Third Party Computing is mostly positive.


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