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Publick Nuisance
Venture Bros. Season 2 is coming out on DVD in a month. Excellent. Season 3 is on it’s way and Season 4 is apparently very likely to follow soon after. Also, excellent.

If you have not seen the Venture Bros., go down to wherever you buy DVDs and pickup the Season 1 set. The box art is done by Bill Sienkiewicz, which should be reason enough for you to purchase it. If you need more reasons, imagine Johnny Quest (and if you’ve never seen Johnny Quest, go watch a few episodes and come back, because that is another series you need to see, don’t bother with any of the revivals just go see the classic 60s series), now imagine that the people making Johnny Quest started consuming various hallucinogens, then began to consume nearly every form of adventure serial available, from Doc Savage to The Fantastic Four, from Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. to Frankenstein Jr. Then they take it all throw, it in a blender and hit frappe. That is kind of what Venture Bros. is.

It’s a very funny look at the adventure serial type stories: super scientists, international super-spy organizations, David Bowie, Supervillain Cabals, arch-nemeses, etc. etc. So, if you enjoy any of those things and would enjoy watching a show with twisted analogues of some of your favorite characters from animation and comic books (Nick Fury, The Fantastic Four, and Scooby Doo and the Mystery, Inc. gang are examples), then you’ll get a kick out of Venture Bros.


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