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Seriously … don’t lose two hours of your life like I just lost two hours of mine. How, how Zack Snyder do you take one of the most harrowing tales of resilience and determination and turn it into one of the least interesting 117 minutes of my life? My mind is thoroughly mother fuckin’ blown over how you managed that.
Good things about the movie? It was visually very compelling.

That’s it.

The script wasn’t bad but the dialog and the voice-over were pretty clearly taken right from Frank Miller’s graphic novel. Miller’s style, in my experience, reads better than it sounds. Lines in Sin City, for example, that seemed a bit weird or silly, don’t strike you that way on the page of the Sin City Graphic Novels. If this movie was a more or less direct translation from page to screen (and I suspect it was, but I have not read the book and so I don’t know for sure), then that was a poor choice on the part of the makers of the movie. It just doesn’t seem to translate well. None of the bits where I knew it was supposed to be inspiring and get your blood going had any effect on me. I just sat through the movie … waiting for it to get interesting. Then, the closing credits came.

Oh … how I said the visuals were the only good thing about the movie? I was wrong. I thought of another good thing about 300, it ended.


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