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Fuckin’ stop it! Where’s my rolled up newspaper? No … the Sunday edition … there it is … come here … someone needs to whack you Comic Book fuckers upside the head …

New York Daily News says:

Captain America is dead. The Marvel Entertainment superhero, created in 1941 as a patriotic adversary for the Nazis, is killed off in Captain America #25, which hits the stands today.

Kill Captain America? And not in some epic struggle that lasts 12 issues and includes an appearance by many of his classic allies and villains? A fuckin’ sniper? You kill Cap with a fuckin’ sniper?

  1. This totally stinks of a faked death so you can bring the character back under another name for a year and then celebrate the glorious return of the Star-Spangled Avenger. For this, I hate you, because you give me feelings that are confusing.
  2. Stop trying to drive sales with events and start telling interesting stories that do not require I buy the latest massive crossover to understand what the fuck is going on.
  3. Stop living from crossover to crossover.
  4. Y’know, if you people really wanted to do something shocking you’d leave Steve Rogers dead. Aunt May’s death (over 10 years ago now) was a really touching story in the middle of the bizarre shitstorm that was Spider-Man’s clone saga. I refuse to read the Spider-Man books (except the occasional trade or collections of old issues like the “Essential” books) because you people decided to bring back Aunt May and make that story that I thought was really sweet mean absolutely nothing.
  5. I hate that this is annoying me as much as it seems to be, I don’t even read Captain America.
  6. Seriously, a fuckin’ sniper? We’re supposed to believe a fuckin’ sniper killed Cap?

Update: This thing was apparently quite the news story yesterday, many people weighed in on it. Here are a couple of folks who pay more attention to the business of comics than me:

The Beat (Does anyone else have that 80s song going through their head right now? I can’t get it out)

Anyway, it will be interesting to see where we go from here. The Death of Superman is now regarded as the beginning of the end for the 90s comics boom. So much money was out there being spent by speculators that the bubble was bound to burst.

Comics Should be Good on the Economics of Captain America #25 and a review of the issue itself.
Quote from the Review:

Also, remember that this is the same writer who, after he faked Foggy Nelson’s death, said in the letter columns of Daredevil, “Come on, you didn’t really think I’d kill Foggy, did you?” So it really doesn’t make any sense to say THAT and then go off and kill Steve Rogers “for real,” does it?

… and that is my update.


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