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So, William Shatner, is a bit of a dick. This is something pretty well documented, just read his book Star Trek Memories to read everyone he worked with on the Original Series pretty much tell him that they thought he was an asshole and strangling the life out of him ran through their mind every other episode.

Yes, I read William Shatner’s book Star Trek Memories.

Shut up

Anyway, Wesley Cru… Wil Wheaton (Ha! bet you didn’t see that comingyesyoudidI’llshutupnow) gives us more Shatner dickery evidence on his blog:

“What is that, your spacesuit?” He said, and made a sound that was somewhere between a laugh and a cough.

In all fairness to Shatner … Wesley’s outfit was pretty ridiculous on TNG. Reading the comments apparently Shatner has mellowed with age. This is unfortunate because I enjoy hearing stories of the people who portray my favorite heroic characters acting the total ass (because my soul is poison and I am filled with hate).


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