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Racial slur banned in New York (via Warren Ellis):

Y’know I don’t like the word Nigger anymore than anyone else who understands its negative history, but banning a word? That’s a literal ban on free speech. This is America, Damn it! Free Speech doesn’t mean we’re free to say whatever warm fuzzy crap will make people feel good about themselves. It means we have the right to have stupid ass ideas and express them loudly and proudly. It means we have a right to call someone a Nigger, a Spic, a Cracker, a Mick, a Greasy Italian Mother Fucker, an Inbred Child Molesting Trailer Trash Piece of Shit, a Cocksucker, a Faggot, a Butt Pirate, or a Retard among many many other things. It may make you feel bad but you’ve got a right to say all the same things right back at me. The right to Free Speech should protect unpopular opinions and ideas above all else, because if we’re not protecting the rights of people to have a stupid outlook on the world, then it’s just a matter of time before we’re forced to share only one persons outlook.

They say this law: “is largely symbolic as it carries no weight in law and those who use the word would face no punishment.” I say, that doesn’t change the fact it is wrong to ban a word. The greater symbolic gesture here is that there are people saying they are okay with the idea of restricting what people say and how they think.


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  1. I agree. I do not use swear words, but I do not want to legislate banning them. Now, they are trying to take away our Freedom of Speech. I say, no! In fact, for the very first time, I say, Hell No!

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