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From Fraggmented: Cult Fiction:

But I do think I’m onto something with this “cult fiction” idea, because I think there is a certain common thread that links movies, TV shows, books, et cetera, beyond just “it’s science fiction”, or “it’s fantasy”, or “it’s action-adventure.” There’s a certain ethos to them that seems to attract a certain sort of person; sit a person down who likes science fiction in front of a TV set showing ‘Monty Python and the Holy Grail’, for example, and odds are it will be exactly the sort of thing they’re into, even if they didn’t necessarily know it before they watched it.

I like the term John Seavey created here: “Cult Fiction.” The idea seems to be there is a common thread in certain types of fiction (scifi, fantasy, action-adventure, etc.) that suggests a broader genre. How many people do you know that like scifi and/or fantasy are also fanatical about Monty Python? Star Wars and Holy Grail don’t really have much in common, but chances are if you’re a fan of one you’re a fan of the other. So, let’s put them in the same genre! A new genre!
It’s an interesting concept. I think it also will help me more quickly identify what I enjoy when talking with people. Before, I had to list out scifi, a bit of fantasy, weird comedy shows, etc. etc. Now, I can say “Cult Fiction,” and someday people might know what I mean. That’s appealing. Also appealing is that it doesn’t mean I’m into everything in the genre, but have a predisposition to many of the items in the sub-genres.
We need this sort of term for other things. Like Romantic Comedies and Feel-Good-Triumph-Over-Diversity type stories, let’s call those: “‘My Life is Empty’ Fiction.”


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