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In January I added DIRT and THE DRESDEN FILES to my regular television viewing. I saw promise in the pilots for both. They seemed like they could be fun programs to watch.

DIRT remains a show I enjoy despite it being about celebrities and papparazzi (two of my least favorite subjects). It’s got some characters in it, particularly the schizo photographer. The stories are fairly interesting, though still about as predictable as most shows of its type. Its too smart a show to be a guilty pleasure, but not smart enough to be a really great show. I’m going to keep watching it and hope it stays at least as good as it has been.

THE DRESDEN FILES has been pretty disappointing. The show had an interesting pilot that promised some potentially good stories to come, but it really hasn’t fulfilled the promise. There really seems to be hardly any continuity between the episodes. You could watch them in pretty much any order and it wouldn’t make a difference. The show doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. You occasionally get a little bit more about his family, but I’m not sure what I’ve seen makes me give a shit. I’m thinking I might drop the show from my regular watching. I already have one consistently disappointing show that I watch regularly (SMALLVILLE) I don’t know that I need another.


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